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UNE-ISO 20252:2012 Market, opinion and social research. Vocabulary and service requirements


This document is the Spanish version of the ISO International standard 20252:2012 and ensures transparency in research and determines the impact of new technologies.

It is a fundamental differentiating element in the sector as it incorporates the concept of comprehensive control in research processes.

For companies and Public Administration Organizations that request these studies, the standard:

1. Specifies and reflects the impact of new technologies in research methods, including online, mobile phone and social networks, as well as the increasing use of access panels.
2. It ensures the client the complete transparency of the research. He may choose how much information he wishes to know on how the processes have been carried out or participate in the design.
3. It clarifies the different alternatives in order to ensure that the research subcontractors fulfil the requirements of the standard.
4. It facilitates process control requirements that are neutral with respect to the methodology employed in the research.

And, compared to the previous 2006 version, the Standard UNE-ISO 20252 provides research companies with following improvements:

1. It simplifies quality management requirements, adapting them to the sector and to the various types of institutes.
2. It accepts electronic support as a guarantee for the fulfillment of the requirements.
3. It is coherent with the existing ethical professional codes, widely accepted by the sector, and with the European legislation regarding personal data protection.
4. It has an improved structure, with a more logical grouping of the requirements in sections organized according to key research processes, which facilitates its understanding and implementation.


See standardUNE-ISO 20252:2012. Investigación de mercado, social y opinión. Vocabulario y requisitos del servicio.


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