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AENOR's accreditations Recognised independence and technical ability

Accreditation is the formal recognition of the independence and technical capacity of an evaluation entity regarding compliance and capacity to carry out its work in accordance with internationally-recognised standards.

AENOR possesses close to 190 accreditations, acknowledgements, agreements and appointments for activities of certification, validation, verification, inspection and testing, awarded by different national and international institutions, among whom we can reference:

The activities of AENOR accredited and recognised  PDF Format (393 kB), cover a multitude of voluntary and regulatory services in the fields of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, R+D+I, food, construction, automotive industry, etc.

These multiple acknowledgements mean that AENOR, its activities and staff, are subject to more than 100 days annually of audit and monitoring by the aforementioned organisations and others. Everything is based on AENOR's nature and method of operation:

If you would like to know more about any accreditation in particular or receive specific details about the scope of the accreditations in cases where they are granted by product groups or categories, please direct your enquiry to


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