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AENOR throughout the world

An increasingly significant part of the reality of AENOR is its international dimension. In standardisation, by representing Spain in international and regional organisations, as well as through cooperation projects. In certification, by supporting Spanish companies in their internationalisation and organisations from more than 60 countries to improve their levels of quality.

CEN/CENELEC AssemblyA year after its creation, AENOR took on the job of representing Spain before the international standardisation organisations ISO and IEC; European CEN, CENELEC and ETSI; and the American COPANT. AENOR takes part in these actively, both on the governing boards and in the undertaking of technical work. In the case of COPANT, AENOR is an adherent member.

The good work of the Spanish experts in international organisations brings this country to the forefront of the standardisation field, with a growing presence in positions of responsibility. In addition, Spanish standards are used as a base for preparing European and international standards.

Through projects of International Cooperation, AENOR collaborates with third-party countries to strengthen their standardisation structure and to convey practices that facilitate international trade. The entity has developed projects in more than 40 countries throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Furthermore, the company AENORInternacional  External website, a new window will be opened., which is present in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Poland and Bulgaria, facilitates transferring to other markets the certification experience and training, adapting to specific local needs.

Registered Company AwardThe certificates of AENOR are becoming increasingly more recognised in the international field, having issued certificates to organisations from more than 60 countries.

AENOR is the Spanish member of IQNet  External website, a new window will be opened., the largest international certification network for quality and environmental management systems, made up of organisations from over 30 countries. Thus, in addition to its Registered Company and Environmental Management certificates, AENOR issues IQNet certificates.


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