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Due to its nature as an association, any body and public or private individual or legal entity interested in developing its standardisation can become a member of the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE.

UNE's partnership base is currently made up of more than 600 members, representing virtually all of Spain's productive sectors. These include the main business associations, top Spanish companies and a significant representation of Public Entities from all levels.

Besides actively participating in the association's activities, members can also:

Based on their typology, there are four membership categories:

For further information on enrollments, please contact:

General Secretariat

Phone number: 91 432 60 26


Governing Bodies

The General Assembly is the governing body in which all members participate. The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the representation and management of the Association.

The Board of Directors is made up of a maximum of 70 members who represent the different membership categories and interested parties and, in turn, elects the Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee is made up of 10 members and is responsible for supervising and controlling the fulfilment of the guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

All Governing Bodies are convened and chaired by the Chairman.


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