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Vision and Values

AENORThe vision of the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, and of the companies in its group, expresses its trajectory and its future projection by growing its capacity to offer services of the quality required by organisations aiming to be competitive:

"Be leaders in our activities in a global environment and a benchmark in the generation of knowledge, trust and credibility. Ensure, through strategic alliances with our interest groups, that quality and security are the framework for a greater development of society and sustainable environmental practices."

The values of the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, and of the companies in its group, determine how we approach our activities and the relationships that we have with interest groups:

  • People. We believe that personal and professional development, equality and work-life balance are the driving forces behind our progress.
  • Excellence. We constantly seek quality and excellence.
  • Future vision. Flexibility in adapting to changes and permanent innovation.
  • Results oriented. Committed to achieving strategic objectives.
  • Commitment. With our clients, with society and with the organisation.

AENOR stand in the FITUR International Tourism Fair.Rigour and independence are values that the Organisation has been working under since 1986, enabling its work to be a fundamental asset in the current economy: the confidence of all the public. The sound and ongoing commitment to this way of working make the certificates of AENOR the most valued ones by all types of groups.


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