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AENOR and society

The overall aim of AENOR's activities is to contribute to the well-being of society as a whole. Thanks to the outstanding development undergone, both for standardisation and for certification, numerous groups find in these activities efficient responses to real needs that they have.

There are more and more standards dealing with matters that appeal to direct concerns of large collectives within society. Retirement homes, safety in children's playgrounds, rural lodgings or dental clinics are some examples.

Furthermore, AENOR supports the development of more than 40 countries through cooperation projects. The same countries aim to strengthen their standardisation structures and thus the strength of their economies.

Certification makes companies more competitive because it contributes to:

AENOR is constantly innovating in order to offer organisations certifications that can help them successfully respond to new challenges, such as sustainability, R&D&i, security, information technologies, etc. This makes a significant contribution to improving competitiveness, which positively influences the situation of the economy and, in turn, the wellbeing of all.

This desire to serve has led the entity to deploy a network of offices with physical presence in the 17 Autonomous Communities.

AENOR is very active in acknowledgements aimed at promoting and supporting corporate social responsibility. This is one of the certifiers used for Sustainability Reports in accordance with the criteria of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), and the top certifier for the Family-Responsible Company, promoted by the +Familia Foundation.

AENOR's staffThe success of AENOR is largely the responsibility of its over 600 members of staff. Within its Corporate and Human Resources Policy, the entity's key strategy is for equal opportunities between men and women.


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