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AENORnet is the exclusive portal for AENOR's certification clients. A space designed for them, which brings together information, communication, participation and services.

AENORnet offers certified organisations the most current information related to management systems. Thanks to a complete content classification system organised into topics, subtopics and sectors, users can consult hundreds of documents on their selected topic, learn about grants for which they may be able to apply, stay up-to-date with current legislation, access news published by different media, learn about upcoming events in which they can participate, as well as exchange points-of-view with other clients in the opinion forums.

Through the Services section of AENORnet, users can obtain the information on their certificates, request copies of them, consult the dates of the audits and the record of the procedures completed, contact the expert in charge of their file, as well as download logos and the conditions for use of AENOR's management system certification marks.

Additionally, for clients that have acquired the software program CERTOOL, support services are offered, like accessing downloads of updates, revisions and documents, making enquiries in the suggestion box and participating in a users' forum.

From the section "Demuestra lo que vales" (Demonstrate your value) you will be able to acquire a wide range of products (flags, sculptures, plates, display cases, etc.) to announce the quality of your work.

In order to enter AENORnet, it is necessary to go to the address and introduce the log-in information, user name and password, which AENOR sends by post to the company-designated individual in charge of the certification file.



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