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Inspection for documentary letters of credit

Characteristics of the inspection

During the inspection, all the client's requirements will be checked, either on 100% of the goods or from a sample. The inspection may cover aspects such as:

  • Product specifications: measurements, physical/chemical characteristics, functionality, result of trials, marking, etc.
  • Shipment conditions: no. of packages, units per package, type of packing, marking, load, stowage, etc.
  • Sampling plans: (Following the criteria of the client according to Standard ISO 2859)

In international transactions, the Documentary Letter of Credit is a secure form of payment for the exporter, guaranteeing payment for the sale of its goods, and for the importer, guaranteeing that it will receive the goods within the prescribed time limit, and provided that the terms and conditions contained in the Documentary Letter of Credit have been met.

The importer's bank will effect payment against the presentation by the supplier's bank of the documents guaranteeing the shipment of the goods in the terms and conditions established. The documents must comply with the terms and conditions of the Documentary Letter of Credit. The documents must be correct, both in substance and in form and any mistake may result in the supplier's bank cancelling the payment.

Therefore, it is recommended that in the place of origin a third independent party carries out checks to ensure that the goods comply with all the requirements specified, including the quantity, physical condition, sealing and loading of the goods. Many documentary letters of credit request verification by an independent third party.

How to request a shipment inspection?

Get in contact with us and send us the completed inspection application form PDF Format with the details of the shipment.

You will find the information necessary for carrying out the inspection, and the list of documents required below. We will forward you a customised offer for your shipment inspection.

Once the documentation is received, we will specify a date and time of inspection.

After the inspection, an inspection report will be drawn up detailing all the information collected.

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