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Inspection on demand from the client

Characteristics of the inspection

During the inspection, all the client's requirements will be checked, either on 100% of the goods or from a sample. The inspection may cover aspects such as:

  • Product specifications: measurements, physical/chemical characteristics, functionality, result of trials, marking, etc.
  • Shipment conditions: no. of packages, units per package, type of packing, marking, load, stowage, etc.
  • Sampling plans: (Following the criteria of the client according to Standard ISO 2859)

Market globalisation and the increase in outsourcing by production companies all over the world have created a need for importers to guarantee the quality of their goods before shipment in order to avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

With this inspection service, AENOR helps companies to know and to guarantee the characteristics of the goods before shipment by carrying out a systematic final random inspection from all the batches commissioned.

After the inspection, AENOR will issue a comprehensive report, providing its clients with the opportunity to implement the necessary corrective procedures before the final shipment of the products. This way, high import costs are avoided for products that do not comply with the requirements established.

AENOR has a large network of inspectors all over the world who can travel to the factories and warehouses to inspect the goods in the country of origin.

How to request a shipment inspection?

Get in contact with us and send us the completed inspection application form Format MS-WORD with the details of the shipment.

You will find the information necessary for carrying out the inspection, and the list of documents required below. We will forward you a customised offer for your shipment inspection.

Once the documentation is received, we will specify a date and time of inspection.

After the inspection, an inspection report will be drawn up detailing all the information collected.


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