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Countries where AENOR performs inspections

Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Korea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the USA, El Salvador, Spain, India, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela. For any other country, please contact us.

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AENOR carries out inspections on behalf of private clients, of their parent companies and/or public authorities, with the aim of providing information on compliance with legislation, standards, or applicable specifications.

The increasing globalisation of markets is pushing many companies to go abroad in order to buy and sell their products. For the leading import/export companies, this creates the need for new services, such as the inspection of merchandise to check that the products fulfil the client's requirements and that they comply with the legislation of the destination country.

The inspection may include the verification of suppliers, the manufacture and the quantity, quality, packaging, tagging and brands of the merchandise, as well as the supervision of the container's load. With the inspection service, AENOR ensures that all merchandise that arrives at the destination complies with the specifications required (legal requirements, standards or contractual requirements).

Evaluation of Suppliers

Production Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) required by Governments and public institutions

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) established between parties

Inspection at destination


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