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Pre-shipment inspection required by Governments and public institutions

Exporting to several countries is subject to obtaining a certificate of inspection that attests to the compliance of the goods with the legislation and requirements in force in the country of destination. This certificate is essential for dispatching the shipment to the place of destination.

A pre-shipment inspection must be carried out by authorised companies, such as AENOR. On behalf of Governments and Official Institutions, AENOR carries out inspections on quality, quantity, the value of imports and exports and tagging to ensure compliance with the requirements of the World Trade Organisation.

AENOR carries out the aforementioned pre-shipment inspections for exports to countries with imports certification schemes, assisting exporters, importers and traders in trade exchanges. When the inspection has been completed, we issue a certificate guaranteeing our clients that the merchandise will arrive at its destination in the conditions stipulated in the specifications.


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