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Certificate of Conformity for exports to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

AENOR signed a collaboration agreement with QSA Certificación (authorised by Gosstandart and VNIIS) in November 2012 to issue certificates (Gost R / Gost K and STB) and the necessary authorisations for export and import to these countries.

The constitution of the customs union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan has enabled, since 1 July 2010, the required certificates and authorisations to be accepted in all three countries, regardless of the issuer.

This enables AENOR to help exporters and importers to:

Obtain a single statement or certificate of conformity for your products that will permit you to operate anywhere in the territory of the Customs Union.

Ensure that your products comply with the mandatory requirements for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

How can I obtain the necessary certification to export my products?

Get in contact with us and send us the completed application for certification Format MS-WORD with the details of the products.

Below you will find the export requirements, and we will send you a specific proposal for the products you want to export.

After your agreement, we will ask you for the documents necessary for export, which may include: Reporting trials, technical specifications of the product, tagging, statements, etc.

Once all the documents have been evaluated, and the necessary inspections have been carried out, the required documentation will be issued.


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