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AENOR certification, the value of trust

What is the certification process?

The right to use these marks is granted after a certification process.

The following scheme details the general audit process for the certification of management products and systems.

Flow chart of the General Audit Process Each block corresponds to a step in the process: Request. Initial audit. Stage 1. Stage 2. Type of certificate? Two options Systems or Product. If the process is Systems Management, the next phase is a Plan for corrective actions. If regarding Products, the next phases include Inspection and the taking of samples, Testing and Plan of Corrective Actions. This stage is followed by Evaluation and decision, if requirements are not fulfilled, the process is repeated from the stage of the Initial Audit. If requirements are fulfilled, proceeding directly to the Granting of the certificate, that subsequently has a Follow-up phase, in which steps from the initial audit are applied.

Certification is the action carried out by a company, unrelated to the interested parties, by which it is declared that an organisation, product, process or service fulfils the requirements defined in certain standards or technical specifications.

Thus, AENOR's marks provide evidence of this certification and are a differentiating element in the market, improving the image of the products and services offered and building trust between clients and consumers.

Trust in the organisation itself and in the clients, shareholders, employees, public administrations and social environment of the company. Trust in the quality and safety of its products and services. Trust in the effectiveness of its management. Trust in its environmental commitment and its workers' security. Trust in its commitment to innovation.

In addition, given the current information surplus, organisations need to simplify their decisions. For this reason, they seek suppliers whose management and/or products have the endorsement of a reliable company. With the objective of providing organisations with this competitive distinguishing value, AENOR offers its marks.

What do they identify?

Block diagram in which the meaning of the AENOR brands is explained. Two large blocks appear. The first block is related to the Certification of management systems, the brand ER of Registered Company and Environmental Management corresponds to this type. These brands identify well-managed companies and those committed to the environment. The second block is for the Certification of products and services, with the N Mark and the AENOR Mark Environment, that identify quality and environmentally-friendly products and services.


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