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Social Responsibility Certification

Good governance, transparency, compliance and management of interest groups

In an increasingly competitive and globalized world, organisations are more aware of their active role generating wealth, employment, quality products and services, as well as other profits for their shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholder groups in the communities and environments in which they operate. Companies and other types of organisationa can and must contribute to sustainable development via their leaders' decided commitment to establishing a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty and compliance.

The introduction of the criteria for social responsibility (economic, environmental, social aspects), good governance, compliance and transparency are a guarantee for competitiveness, risk reduction, good governance and improvement in the management of organisations.

AENOR offers advanced and comprehensive solutions such as IQNet SR10 certification or certification of criminal compliance model and solutions aimed at interest groups and specific aspects such as the prevention of bribery (ISO 37001) or the checking of social responsibility and sustainability reports.

Compliance and Corporate Governance

Responsible Management and Investments


Sustainability Reports


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