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Work with the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE

The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE has an in-house team of experts, all of whom are specialists in the sectors we work in and have a wealth of experience. It also has an external team of experts specialised in technical support projects, who work on projects as and when required by the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE. Their skills and abilities have undergone comprehensive evaluation and testing.

Our team of experts, internal and external, contributes advice and recommendations in an impartial and independent manner. They have a vast knowledge of the subjects, products and services in the project, practical experience in their application and a deep understanding of the environment in which they carry out their activity, whilst also respecting the recipient's own diversity requirements.

If you are interested and would like to join the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE database of experts, please complete the following forms formato de CV  MS-Word Format  (67 kb) and CVformat   PDF Format  (183 kb) and send them to the following email address:


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