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The projects that the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, has carried out throughout its years of experience have covered various activities, in response to the broad range of needs shown by one or other organisation receiving training plans or knowledge transfer.

At present the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, takes part in projects covering several different areas and sectors of activity, it manages entire projects both on its own and also in collaboration with other authorised bodies, and it organises and participates in specific activities as part of major projects developed in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean and Asia. It always follows a methodology of identification, formulation, execution and evaluation based on a logical framework approach to its projects.

The guarantee that the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, presents is endorsed with over 870 activities of international cooperation carried out in 50 projects taking place in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Map of the world with identification of the preferred geographical areas

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The cooperation projects in which the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, is involved are included in a project portfolio that is updated regularly:

Proyectos recientes:

Cooperation projects carried out by geographical area:


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