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AENOR Laboratorio

The AENOR guarantee, also for food analyses

AENOR, the leader in certification, starts up its food testing laboratory with the ambition of becoming the top installation of its kind in Spain. Bringing together renowned professionals and the latest technologies, AENORlaboratorio is the industry's best ally for generating consumer confidence.

An efficient testing service, of great use to those sectors involved with food in some way (raw materials, processing industry, distribution and services) as well as for Administration, quality guarantees and security, enabling thorough food testing to be carried out and analysing all factors involved in food preparation, with the sole purpose of offering safe, quality products to consumers.

Over 1,500 square metres and a huge technical capacity, plus the skills to develop new analytical methodologies, which AENOR places at the disposal of the food industry through its three laboratories, responding to your testing needs: physical-chemical, microbiological and sensorial.

AENOR Commitment

Rigorousness: The prestige of the AENOR seal forces us to demand the highest levels of quality.

Reliability: Work methodology in accordance with UNE standards, official methods and other internationally renowned standards.

Orientation to the client:

Transparency and communication: Access at all times to information on the status of our samples.

Global service: End-to-end services involving analysis, inspection and certification to meet their quality and safety needs.

AENORlaboratorio has ENAC accreditation for carrying out microbiological and physicochemical analyses on foodstuffs and drinking water, scope 731/LE1555  PDF Format. Asimismo, está autorizado para usar el sello de la Cooperación Internacional de Acreditación de Laboratorios y Organismos (ILAC). The inclusion of the ILAC stamp in the accredited reports means that AENOR Laboratory customers will not need to have their products analysed in third-country laboratories, thus facilitating exports.

AENOR is authorised by FACE to carry out both the certification and the analyses defined in its guarantee mark.


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