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What are the benefits of standards?

Standards are key for the economic growth of a country. Studies in various countries, including Spain, have shown that the contribution of standardisation to their economy is 1% of the GDP.

For society:


Public security and environmental protection

Standards are a proven tool of support for the Public Administrations in the area of regulatory simplification, especially in relation to public security and environmental protection.

For companies:


Internationalisation: The European and international standards prepared by the Standardisation Committees and published as UNE in Spanish facilitate access to other markets.

Competitiveness: Standards promote the optimisation of resources in the management of organisations and contribute to reducing the risks linked to innovation.

Good practices within everyone's reach: Standards are used to establish generally accepted guidelines on the market for new products and services resulting from R&D&i activities, whilst their application is a guarantee of trust for customers and Public Administrations.

Esther Viyuela
Esther Viyuela
Business Development & Innovation Manager,
"The impact of regulations on all businesses means that it is essential that standardisation is an integral part of the Siemens business strategy."

Siemens A new window will be opened
Julio Gómez
Julio Gómez
Managing Director,
"Participating in standardisation work gives us the opportunity to participate and defend the current and future interests of the Spanish industry."

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Andrés Membrillo
Andrés Membrillo
Network Operator Director,
Gas Natural Fenosa
"Standardisation is a key element enabling a company with an international presence, such as Gas Natural Fenosa, to apply its processes in a homogenous way."

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Carmen Gisela Vergara
Carmen Gisela Vergara
Secretary General,
Secretariat of Economic Integration of Central America (SIECA)
"Standardisation facilitates trade in and outside Central America" PDF Format  (579 kB)

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For SMEs:


Participating in the drawing up of standards is very accessible for SMEs. They can take part in the standardisation process at nationa, European or international level. Standardisation allows SMEs to increase their productivity and reach wider markets. The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, offers solutions focused on increasing SMEs' knowledge and understanding of standardisation, inviting them to make themselves heard in the standardisation process.

Online course "standards for SMEs", developed by CEN and CENELEC External website, a new window will be opened

This course, available in Spanish as well as others languages, is intended specifically for the small or medium-sized businesses, in order to provide them with great knowledge on standards and standardisation, including the following topics:

  • Why do I have to use standards?
  • How can find and apply standards?
  • What are the advantages of participating in standardisation?


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