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How is a standard created?

Technical standards are developed by the Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE through its Technical Standardisation Committees, attended by all parties concerned.

Participants from a CTN

Standardisation Committees


Participation in these Committees makes it possible to gain access to and influence the contents of European and international standards.

Committees are comprised of a chairman, a technical office and a number of members who make up an equitable representation of all the parties with interest in standardising a specific field, assuring transparency, openness and consensus in its work.

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UNE Standard elaboration process


Flow chart of the elaboration process of a UNE standard. It is composed of four phases: Preliminary works, Drafting of standard project, Public information in the BOE and Approval, publication and dissemination of the standard.

The process of drawing up UNE standard is subject to a series of phases thus ensuring that the final document is the result of consensus, and that any person, even if they do not belong to the body drawing up the standard, can voice their opinions or comments.


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