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UNE-EN ISO 14044:2006

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In force 2006-12-27 56 74 () Añadir a la cesta
Standard UNE-EN ISO 14044:2006
Spanish title Gestión ambiental. Análisis del ciclo de vida. Requisitos y directrices. (ISO 14044:2006).
English title Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Requirements and guidelines (ISO 14044:2006)
French title Management environnemental - Analyse du cycle de vie - Exigences et lignes directrices (ISO 14044:2006)
Publication Date 2006-12-27
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ICS 13.020.10 / Gestión ambiental.
  13.020.60 / Ciclo de vida de los productos
International equivalences EN ISO 14044:2006 - Idéntico
ISO 14044:2006 - Idéntico
Cancellations  Cancel: UNE-EN ISO 14040:1998
  Cancel: UNE-EN ISO 14041:1999
  Cancel: UNE-EN ISO 14042:2001
  Cancel: UNE-EN ISO 14043:2001

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