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Standardisation Training

Standards can be very useful tools if they are developed and used properly. To learn more about them, AENOR offers different types of training courses that teach you how to make the most of standards and of participating in the standardisation committees, stressing the use of standardisation as a practical instrument that can help achieve strategic goals and minimise the resources needed for this task.

Training for participants in standardisation activities


A practical course that will help companies to increase profit and the influence that can be expected from participating in the standardisation activities.

These courses can also be made to measure, in keeping with the specific needs you may have. The contents and duration of the course are set in each case according to the applicant's requirements and capabilities.

Training in standardisation  PDF Format (537 kB).

Working on Standardisation course  Link to the AENOR course.

Collaboration with universities and business schools


Standards are essential for scientific research and for the development of new technologies. They allow research results to be comparable and transferable. Additionally, they act as a bridge that links the results and conclusions of R&D activities with innovation processes and practical applications.

For this reason, standards are especially important for research institutes and universities, as they can be used to describe and reproduce best practices and solutions. When participating in standardisation activities, academics and researchers establish a network with other experts that work in the same field.

Standardisation in the University  PDF Format (241 kB).


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