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Would you like to participate in the development of standards?

If you want to propose a new standardisation development, send us the following form with the requested information so we can consider and assess your proposal:

Useful information for the assessment of standardisation proposals  PDF Format (804 kB).

Dado que existen más de 30,500 normas en el catálogo de la Asociación Española de Normalización, UNE, desarrolladas en el seno de más de 200 comités técnicos, es posible que su idea esté recogida en alguna de ellas. Por este motivo le invitamos a consultar el catálogo de normas de la Asociación Española de Normalización, UNE, así como los comités de normalización existentes.

E-committees: Participation in and access to the documentation of Standardisation Committees


Access to projects on standards from the time that they are first drafted, along with the possibility of participating at the appropriate time in their creation process, is fundamental for guaranteeing that Spanish technologies, production procedures and processes for provision of services, management models, etc. are collected in the content of the final standards. In this way, harmonisation of concepts and management practices is obtained at national, European and international levels according to the needs of our professional activities. This assures that the doors are open to new and larger markets.

E-committees provide members of the Technical Standardisation Committees with access to standardisation documentation at Spanish, European and international levels. Thus, their analysis is facilitated among all interested parties that are members of these standardisation committees in real time as the documents are generated.

E-committees Features (compressed video for downloading, 42.4 MB.).

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