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First AENOR certifications in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive


The aim is to minimise the risk of shipping accidents.

• They accredit the safety of the various onboard equipment on ships of the European Union, such as anti-fire equipment, salvage devices and navigation equipment, among others.

• The first certified equipment are boards (surface equipment and floor covering) with characteristics of low fire spread. In addition, AENOR evaluates the quality assurance system applied for the control over its manufacture.

• AENOR is a notified body for this Directive and recently, the Ministry of Public Works expanded the scope of the authorisation for protective equipment against fire. This Directive indicates, among other aspects, the standards that must be applied for testing the equipment.

- Nota de prensa: Primeros certificados AENOR de conformidad con la Directiva de Equipos Marinos 2016-07-13 Formato PDF  (43,84 Kb)


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