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Characteristics and advantages of Certool

With Certool, you can design, implement, maintain and improve your management system with:

CERTOOL: Effectiveness, Easy communication and dissemination of knowledge, Time and cost savings, Easy acquisition of information, Availability and integration, Environmentally friendly, Constant improvement

The many advantages of Certool will ensure that it is an optimum solution for your organisation:

Outline web application client server: Users only need to have a web browser installed on their computer. CERTOOL is installed in a web server of your organisation. It is updated via AENORnet

Client / server web application: Users only need to have a web browser installed on their computer.

Continuously updated: Updated by AENOR with regards functions and technology.

Easy to use: You will enjoy a quick-to-learn and simple-to-use tool that will increase your productivity and satisfaction.

Security management: Its complete system of permits makes it easy for users to access only the information they need.

It supports different kinds of databases: SQL Express Server, SQL Server and Oracle.

Possibility of working in a multicompany / multicentre environment: With a single application, you will be able to manage the systems of multiple organisations, thus making it possible to make comparisons between them.

Scalability: It allows you to progress to other computer solutions developed by AENOR.

Multi-language: Every user will be able to choose the language in which he or she wishes to work.

Exploitation of information: You will be able to quickly obtain up-to-date information about your management system using the numerous reports included in the application and/or by designing new reports suited to you organisation's needs. Exportable in different formats: Excel, PDF and Word.

Task organisation and notification management: It speeds up task management derived from the management system and facilitates communication between participants, by e-mail and in sync with the tasks organiser of Microsoft Outlook.


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