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Certool Compact, the solution designed to solve all the essential needs of your management system.

Certool Compact Functionalities
Process management

Process management

  • Enter the process chart and establish the links with documents and records.
  • Track process by means of associated links and tracking tasks.
Updating of requirements

Updating of applicable requirements, monitoring and assessing fulfilment

  • Maintain legal, regulatory and/or corporate requirements up-to-date.
  • Monitor applicable requirements.
  • Assess fulfilment of applicable requirements.
Document management

Document management and control of records

Work flow quick and complete for managing documents, allowing you to:

  • Enter any type of document, in any format and establish the links.
  • Revise, approve and distribute documents.
  • Check documents, their links and versions.
  • Keep the list of documents and other records up to date.
  • Control all records in the system.
  • Centralise the database.
Non-compliances and actions for improvement

Managing non-compliances and actions for improvement

Work flow fast and comprehensive for the management of non-conformities and corrective and preventive actions. You will be able to:

  • Enter and typify non-compliances or other events.
  • Associate non-compliances with products/services, processes, requirements and other elements of the system.
  • Analyse and determine the causes.
  • Enter corrective and preventive actions.
  • Monitor implementation and assess effectiveness.
Objective plans

Objective plans

  • Plan your organisation's improvement objectives.
  • Track targets by means of associated links and tracking tasks.


  • Develop audit plans.
  • Generate audit reports.
  • Monitor scheduled audits.
Review by management

Review by management

  • Plan the system review by management.
  • Generate reports on review by management.


  • Assign and communicate tasks automatically.
  • Manage tasks using the task organiser.
Exploit the information

Exploit the information

  • Generate reports fast in PDF, Word and Excel.
  • Design your own reports or searches using the database.


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