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Certool Premium, the global solution that will permit you to respond to all your needs when designing, implementing and maintaining your system.

Certool Premium functions
Human Resources and Training

Human Resources and Training

  • Keep the skills of your staff up to date.
  • Plan and carry out a track on the training activities.
Infrastructures and team

Infrastructures and teams

  • Manage infrastructures and teams.


  • Manage your organisation's suppliers and subcontractors as well as the products and services that they supply.

Staff positions

  • Define the organisational chart.
  • Keep the requirements, functions and responsibilities of staff positions up to date.
Process management

Process management

  • Design the process map.
  • Design process diagrams.
  • Draw up process flowcharts and generate them automatically from previously designed templates.
  • Measure processes by means of indicators.
  • Track process by means of associated links and tracking tasks.
Products and services

Products and services

  • Keep the information on your products and/or services up to date.
Updating of requirements

Updating of applicable requirements, monitoring and assessing fulfilment

  • Maintain legal, regulatory and/or corporate requirements up-to-date.
  • Monitor applicable requirements.
  • Assess fulfilment of applicable requirements.


  • Manage the information on your clients.
Document management

Document management and control of records

A powerful documents editor that will permit you to:

  • Draw up documents and generate them automatically from previously designed templates.
  • Register any document, in any format.
  • Relate documents and establish the document pyramid

Work flow fast and comprehensive, which will permit you to:

  • Revise, approve and distribute documents.
  • Check documents, their links and versions.
  • Manage different versions.
  • Keep the list of documents and other records up to date.
  • Control all records in the system.
  • Centralise the database.


  • Design indicators.
  • Define measurement plans and configure alerts.
  • Check your scoreboard and generate charts.
Non-compliances and actions for improvement

Managing non-compliances and actions for improvement

Work flow fast and comprehensive for the management of non-conformities and corrective and preventive actions. You will be able to:

  • Enter and typify non-compliances or other events.
  • Associate non-compliances with products/services, processes, requirements and other elements of the system.
  • Analyse and determine the causes.
  • Enter corrective and preventive actions.
  • Monitor implementation and assess effectiveness.
Objective plans

Objective plans

  • Plan your organisation's improvement objectives.
  • Track targets by means of associated links and tracking tasks.
  • Measure targets by means of indicators.


  • Develop audit plans.
  • Generate audit reports.
  • Monitor scheduled audits.
Review by management

Review by management

  • Plan the system review by management.
  • Generate reports on review by management.


  • Assign and communicate tasks automatically.
  • Manage tasks using the task organiser.
Exploit the information

Exploit the information

  • Generate reports fast in PDF, Word and Excel.
  • Design your own reports or searches using the database.


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